About Us


Ecological grow - broad spectrum CO2 extracts

Being known as the producer of THE MOST BENEFIAL CBD OIL was the driving force when we started building our brand.
We didn’t just want to standout, we wanted to provide you with the very best cannabidiol products without the conventional side-effects.
This has become part of us and has helped us developing our new products.
At Vitae Care, we closely monitor our CBD oil’s production from the very beginning to the very end. We only use our own hemp, legally and organically grown in the EU. It’s non-GMO and totally free of pesticides, fungicides or other harmful substances.

Our crop is harvested at the time that the plant contains the highest concentration of active ingredients.
At our facility we process the plants directly and manufacture the most beneficial ingredient by extracting the cannabinoids with supercritical Co2.


Vitae Care strives to burden the environment as little as possible. Therefore, we make maximum use of environmentally-friendly packaging materials. These materials when burned don’t cause harmful effects on the environment and can be recycled. Our meticulous CO2 Extraction process produces a broad spectrum extract which includes not only CBD, but also CBC, CBG and CBDV, along with over 400 PhytoNutrients, Omega-3 and Omega-6 Oils, B Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Ketones, Amino Acids and Full Line of Terpenes.  All natural constituents of Hemp.


  • No GMO seeds and grown without Pesticides or Herbicides – 100% Natural and Biological grown, with care for the environment
  • Higher Concentrations of CBD –  More effectiveness
  • HPLC testing –  Precise determination of present cannabinoids in our extracts
  • Accurate Blends – More Rounded Benefits
  • Vitae Care is the brand to go with –  Low Pricing per milligram of Premium Co2 extracted CBD products.
  • No THC ‘high’ or grogginess –  Enjoy life how it was meant!


Everything we do is focused around cultivating, developing, manufacturing and delivering only the best CBD Products to our customers.  That’s exactly what Vitae Care CBD products stand for!