Proper CBD dosage

CBD Oil how many drops, how many times a day?

Talking about correct dosing of CBD products it comes to the most appropriate amount of which the particular product should be taken per day (24 hours), taking in acount the form and quantity of cannabinoids and wherein the best results are achieved.
The correct dosage CBD oil, however, is different for every person or animal and unfortunately can not be set as measure.
With the correct dose is meant the amount which is taken in 1 time. As in determining the proper dose, there is also no ideal dosage which one must comply with.
However, the terms dose and dosage are used to the determinations of the amount taken in a 24 hour period.
Proper dosage of CBD begins with determination of the amount of CBD present in the oil. So one will know how many drops per day at the start will be taken.
Because people obviously are not equal, and everyone else responds different to natural resources such as CBD oil, there is no prescribed amount that applies to everyone. The recommended dosage that is specified should therefore also be seen as a conventional, standard dosage which can be deviated from without any problems.
The general rule of CBD oil is often stated as: 2-3 times daily 1 to 3 drops at a time, but if you need 5 or 10 drops per required dose it’s not a problem and the dose can safely be increased to the most ideal quantity.


Usual dose/dosage determination in (prescription)drugs

When prescribing a synthetic drugs it is mostly measured with a precisely metered amount.
By provinding these medication the doctor holds into account the following factors, age, weight, tolerance to the drug and the overall health status of the patient.
These factors, used in the determination of an appropriate dosage, may also be used partially with CBD oil intake.
For example, it may occur that an adult person with a heavy weight, need a lower dose than a young child with a light weight.
Also, the weight in dogs and cats is no clear yardstick for measuring the correct amount of CBD oil. Also it occurs that after frequent use of CBD there will not be beuilt up a tolerance for It causes absolutely no habituation and you do not have to dose more after long-term use to achieve the same results.
This is a great advantage of CBD oil compared to many other remedies.

Dosing a NATURAL product as CBD Oil

The strength of CBD oil is determined by the amount of active ingredients contained in the product.
A CBD extract is extracted from cannabis plants grown on plots in the open air.
The more active ingredients the plant contains, the higher the effectiveness of the obtained plant extract.

Daily dose & dosage of CBD oil

Dose Advice CBD oil

How many drops of CBD oil you should take at 1 time (DOSE) and how often should it be dosed on one day (DOSAGE), it depends on various factors and can not be easily recommended.
It is therefore necessary to experiment which dose feels most comfortable to your body.
The dose can be determined entirely according to personal needs.
When starting with a new product, it is advisable to start with a low dose for example 1 or 2 drops, or follow the dosing instructions described on the product label.
Then quietly built up and watch how your body reacts to it. So eventually you can experience exactly what dose of CBD oil is most suitable for your goals. 

Overdose means that more active ingredients enter the body than the usual or the prescribed amount.
Accidental overdosing CBD oil can do no harm and is absolutely non- toxic for the body. An overdose of CBD oil is definitely not dangerous and certainly not fatal.
Also at too high doses there will not be an undesirable stoned or high feeling as the CBD extract comes from hemp plants that have no psychoactive properties.
Mind-altering effects occur after ingestion of a psycho-active agent, such as THC, which is not or only in trace amounts present in concentrated cbd oil.

Give your body time to adjust

It should be taken into account that the body may be given some time to take advantage of cannabidiol.
This happens very quickly, in most cases, but in some cases the body defenitely needs a few weeks.
In some cases, the product being used also appears to serve no purpose after a few weeks. It is advisable to first try out a CBD oil of a different composition or a different brand before you decide to stop entirely with the use of the CBD oil.

Underdosing should be avoided

At lower doses of CBD oil, there will be less active substance into the body through which a sub-therapeutic effect will occur.
This means that the agent gets a less strong effectiveness or even totally no result . Under dosage should therefore be avoided in all cases unless by starting out with a new product, as described above.
This effect is also known as the Bell Shaped Dose Response. Overdosing is just a waste of the drops.

Which dosage form of CBD Oil?

As stated above there are many dosage opportunities to experience the positive effects of CBD.
Which dosage form you should use depends entirely on your personal preference. For example you can choose from CB in liquid form, in thick paste form, in solid crystalline form, smokable form and of course tasty food, you can easily dose per serving.
Capsules and edibles are a convenient solution to circumvent the taste of CBD oil in case you don’t like the specific flavour while CBD dabs and liquids can be used to smoke CBD oil.

Dosage methods of CBD Oil

There are several possible dosage methods to administer CBD oil. For example you can take the oil through the mouth. (oral administration) or rubbing it on the skin.
But you can also choose for administration through the vagina (vaginal) or via the rectum (rectal). For the last two ways of administration. You can use CBD suppositories.
The intake of CBD oil can be carried out in various ways via oral administration. Cannabidiol-rich food or drink is swallowed, with an e-cigarette you inhale the useful ingredients.
The most common and often most effective way is to drip under the tongue, where it is absorbed by the mucous membranes.
This delivery method is called sublingual or buccal (= lining mucosa) intake. Upon sublingual administration, the active ingredients included in CBD oil are rapidly absorbed by the small blood vessels that are present under the tongue.
This direct absorption of the effective ingredients come directly into the bloodstream without first having to pass through the intestinal wall and liver.

Dose and dosage of CBD Oil when applied external

In addition to all of these dosage forms, there is also CBD oil-in cream form, in balsam, in shampoo and a variety of other skin care products.
Instead of internal these products serve to be used externally. Here, too, the dosage of CBD oil can be applied to your own needs.